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    Creo Illustrate necessary to create animations for Studio?

    Hey @ all,


    I am new to Thingworx Studio and I am not perfectly familiar with the overall business field, as I come from another area. Probably this question has been answered before, if yes, my apologies.


    All documentation I have seen more or less pointed towards Creo Illustrate to build sequences/animations to import to Thingworx Studio. I am wondering if you have to use this PTC software or if you could use another 3D Software (such as Maya. Cinema 4D) to create the animation that can than be uploaded to Studio. As I tried uploading an animation, built in Maya, it was only seen as a resource, not as a sequence. Further, the animation did also not run in preview mode.


    If it does work, could someone point me towards a documentation or a how-to/guide? If not, why? And would there be "walk-arounds"?


    Thanks in advance,