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    Thingworx dataconnect error

    Hello ,



          I Followed the Dataconnect artice and created a DAD by taking some values from kepserver by creating their respective Thing Template and things .

    Also created the datashapes and services which worls fine .

    The issue is when i execute the DAD it givess error in dataconnect-worker logs of no enum constant .

    Also sometimes it gives error like "transformation has timeseries data but does not have an aggregate transformation applied]" when i apply the timeseries data in datasource .

    when i dont it gives the no enum constant error .which doesn't creates the dataset at thingworx analytics builder.

    Attaching the dataconnect logs file and my .csv created in thingworx storage


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        cmorfin Communicator

        Hi Amar


        The error

        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum constant com.coldlight.rest.client.beans.FieldConfiguration.FieldConfigurationDataType.LONG

        that you are receiving is because the datatype defined (LONG) is not a valid one for DataConnect.

        Valid data types are: Boolean • Integer • Double • String


        you will need to change the DAD datashape to use a valid data type to remove this error


        Kind regards