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    Problem with continuos data of Remote Thing (Edge SDK) in the Value Stream



    sorry if this question has already been answered somewhere else. I did not find something in this forum that fits to my problem. I have a remote thing that uses the .NET Edge SDK to be connected to Thingworx - which works. To create the properties of my Thing I use a function that sets up the property definition this way:


    private void _createAdressSpaceParameter(string name, string descritpion, BaseTypes basetype, bool logged = true, float threshold = 0.5f)


                PropertyDefinition pd = new PropertyDefinition(name, descritpion, basetype);

                var aspects = new AspectCollection();

                aspects.Add(Aspects.ASPECT_DATACHANGETYPE, new StringPrimitive(DataChangeType.ALWAYS.name())); //release events based on changed value

                aspects.Add(Aspects.ASPECT_DATACHANGETHRESHOLD, new NumberPrimitive(0.0));// Add the dataChangeThreshold aspect

                aspects.Add(Aspects.ASPECT_CACHETIME, new IntegerPrimitive(-1));// Add the cacheTime aspect

                aspects.Add(Aspects.ASPECT_ISPERSISTENT, new BooleanPrimitive(true));// Add the isPersistent aspect

                aspects.Add(Aspects.ASPECT_ISREADONLY, new BooleanPrimitive(true));// Add the isReadOnly aspect

                aspects.Add("pushType", new StringPrimitive(DataChangeType.VALUE.name()));// Add the pushType aspect

                aspects.Add("pushThreshold", new NumberPrimitive(threshold));// Add the pushType aspect

                aspects.Add("isLogged", new BooleanPrimitive(logged));





    When I create the binding in my ThingTemplate this results in the following settings:




    My remote device is running a cyclic process with a cycle time of about 10 seconds. I checked that the cycle count is updated by my remote device and I can see that the cycle count property in my Thing in Thingworx gets the updates if I click the refresh button in the property list of the composer.


    But here is my problem, in my value stream, I get the values only on a 30 second basis.




    As far as I understand this Article Viewer | PTC it is the remote device that pushes the data to the Thingworx instance. And this seems to work.


    Can anyone please help me to understand where the 30 seconds delay between my values come from? Thank you in advance.