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    Get mashup name



    I want to create my own navigation in the master mashup. But to realize this I need to know in the master mashup what the currently visible mashup is.


    I already searched around and found the following:

    --> https://www.ptc.com/en/support/article?n=CS209971

    --> Get current Mashup name from Master


    So I will try it by setting a session variable. But how do I get the current mashups name into a service? I cannot find anything in the bindings. I don't want to hard code a service for each view I have, I want to create a generic service that takes the name of the view and puts it to the session variable.


    The second issue is, that the loaded event of the master mashup seems to trigger first, so the mashup will not have time to set its name to the session variable before the header evaluates it.


    Can you please help me, to solve this?


    Thank you.