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    Valuestream data changed instead of appended

    Hi All,


    I'm not sure if this is the right subforum for this question, but I have an issue I can't seem to sort out by myself, so please help me out here


    Using the Raspberry Pi quickstart, I've connected a Raspberry PI to a Thingworx instance using EMS. This seems to work fine: The send data values are shown in the properties of my RemoteThing.

    To be able to draw time series graphs, I've checked the 'logged' checkbox on both properties and assigned a valuestream to the RemoteThing.


    Now something peculiar happens: when I look into the valuestream, I can see values are being logged (using the test button of the QueryPropertyHistory service). However, updated values are not appended to the stream, instead the latest logged value is changed for both properties to the newly received one (timestamp remains the same).


    If I restart the Edge MicroServer, it creates a new timestamp with associated property vales in the valuestream. Again, property changes change the last logged values instead of adding a timestamp with associated values.


    What am I doing wrong?