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    scha-2 Apprentice

    about Tomcat's manager Deploy


    For some personal reason, I have reinstalled Thingworx.

    I made a document of the process that I had previously installed, so I proceeded to install it by referring to the document.

    Strangely enough, however, Deploy will stop Tomcat in 1-2 seconds

    If i delete ThingworxStorage and backup space in the root folder and delete Thingworx in Tomcat's webbase, Tomcat will run again.

    However, when you deploy Thingworx, it stops.

    Thingworx used ThingWorx-Platform-Postgres-7-3-10,

    Version of Tomcat 8.0.45

    jdk is 1.8.0_131 jre is also 1.8.0_131

    The operating system is Windows 7.

    Simple ThingWorx-Platform-H2-7-3-10 is good for Deploy.

    I have attached a setup ppt document that I created.

    Thank you for your solution to this problem.