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    Permissions to Reposition Gadgets persistently per Drag-and-Drop in Dashboard



    I am logging in as a User I created and I am trying to arrange the gadgets in a dashboard I created as the User by dragging and dropping them to the desired position. The problem is that when I refresh the dashboard mashup / log out and log in the gadgets' arrangement is reset to the default arrangement. Everything else I can do as User: edit Dashboard, edit Groups, edit Gadgets, even drag-and-drop Groups persistently.


    If i log in as Administrator and change the position of gadgets per drag-and-drop the new arrangement is persistently stored, i.e. the new gadgets' arrangement is still there after refreshing.


    The User has been granted all Resources Collection and Subsystems Collection Permissions. Also he has all Dashboards Collection Permissions. The fact that the Administrator can persistently reposition gadgets and the User cannot suggests that I am missing some permissions for the User. Any ideas?


    Thank you!