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    question about mqtt extension configuration

    Hello i'm SeonHo



    The question is how to configure in the mqtt extension

    This is an automatic format for subscribing, so it subscribes automatically.

    If so, is there a format for automatic publish?

    For subscriptions, you can access each Thing using format[ Thingworx / {t} / temp].

    So I thought publish could automatically deliver the value to the matched device.

    However, the settings for publish must be made by the developer within Thingworx Composer

    I want users to publish conveniently

    For example, a Thing is created with the name of the device registered by the user, and the generated Thing receives the value of the device registered in Thingworx / {t} / temp

    However, in order to publish, you have to add or update the configuration in Composer.

    I want to publish as a subscription and automatically set up a topic as a matched device.

    Any suggestions?