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    msankarankutty Newbie

    Automating build / deployments

    What's the best approach to use any standard DevOps mechanisms and automate the application build and deploy on Thingworx?

    Do we have options to look at, or best practices to align to?


    Appreciate your guidance and leads

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        msankarankutty Newbie

        Looks like we may not be having such capabilities in place currently.


        Thingworx team, can you at least provide some visibility towards what is getting done on this front

        and what would be supported in the near future?


        As you may have already realized / heard from different users, this is a common issue for all of your user community

        Making a step forward in this topic, would help us all feel better with the Thingworx solutions.


        looking forward to hear from you at the earliest..

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            msankarankutty Newbie

            Thank you Quang, truly appreciate your response.


            I went through the provided link.

            I didn't see a clear solution to the problem at hand, though there are few vague suggestions to try and use other external version control mechanisms.

            So, the issue remains OPEN and needs attention from the Thingworx team.


            We would need PTC to clearly handle and manage the SDLC aspects of how we can use and extend the benefits of this platform, as otherwise it could hurt any straightforward expansion of this community,


            Do we have a command line interface from Thingworx, to try and do custom automation scripts to any level?


            I hope there will be a quick action on this front, by the team, to put the basic support and mechanisms in place..

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              qngo Creator

              Apparently, it's not easy to automate build and deploy with ThingWorx. We develop our tools to automate as much as we can. Some scripts can be used to facilitate import with REST API.

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                  msankarankutty Newbie

                  Hi Quang


                  am glad to hear that you / your team have created something at your end that could automate certain aspects to some level. These may be very specific to your environment and processes, but in the interest of the bigger user community that includes all of us, do you think it's feasible to even share those concepts / aspects with Thingworx team or this user community for them to leverage?


                  You can potentially co-develop / align those pieces from your end, to the platform, to be bundled. Just a thought, if you think that's feasible..

                  thank you once again, for the clarity, Quang..

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                      lguagneli Explorer


                      I'm interested to this topic. We have 3 environment managed from the cloud (sbox - test environment, sandbox - backup environment, prod - live environment).

                      We would like to check difference to be able to deploy all new or modified entities.

                      If there isn't any extension to do this, is there a way by REST API to check difference? I think that the complete flow we would like to implement is:

                      - check difference from sbox environment to prod environment

                      - export different entities from sbox

                      - import in prod


                      How can we do this?