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    Interested in helping influence the future of ThingWorx?

    We’re conducting an upcoming research study to learn how you use ThingWorx Composer, how you approach building IoT applications, and the type of applications you’re building.

    Would you be interested in participating? Send a note to kmarkgren@ptc.com


    About the Study:

    • Must be a Non-Software Developer who is a current user of ThingWorx Composer and who has used Mash Up Builder to build an IoT dashboard or application.
    • 60min sessions are being scheduled for:
      • Thursday, 10/5
      • Friday, 10/6
      • Tuesday, 10/10
      • Wednesday 10/11


    • Sessions are hosted remotely over WebEx
    • $100 incentive per person for taking the time to participate.
      • Compensation may be waived or donated to a charity if you are unable to receive it.
    • If possible, bring a screenshot or sketch of an application your building or have recently built.

    Can't attend this study, but interested in future studies? Sign up to become a PTC User Experience Research Partner at http://uxresearch.ptc.com/register