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    Re: Connect SQL DB to Thingworx

    Thank you James.


    To clarify question 5, I wanted to check If I can pull data out of my DB and display them on charts and other reporting tools.


    Last but not least, where should I start to implement all the steps mentioned in my first post?


    Thank you!




    Excerpt from original post:


    I would like to know whether Thingworx can fulfil the following:


    1- Is it possible to integrate an SQL database as a structured DB for our Thingworx implementation?

    2- Is it possible to create our own SQL database structure, and make Thingworx use it accordingly?

    3- Can we create our own HTML web forms and integrate them with Thingworx ?

    4- Can we build our own APIs to push and pull from our SQL database (supposedly) serving as a structured DB for our Thingworxinstance?

    5- Can we build our own reports (dashboards, Listing, Live reports) and use your functions and controls to inject them with data?

    6- Can we create our own controls and functions?


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        Hi Peter to answer your 5th point it is possible by creating SQL services and using their output you can show the data in required widgets in ThingWorx. Not sure if you have already seen this but you can export these extensions from ThingWorx Marketplace



        Sharing some quick links to the available ThingWorx marketplace extensions on JDBC connectivity:


        1. JDBC Connector Extension

        2. Relational Databases Connectors

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            jamesm Creator

            Here is a quick bullet list of how I would start ('I'm not sure what your familiaarity with Thingworx is, so let me know if you need more detailed instructions):


            • Set up a cloud instance of the Foundation server at developer.thingworx.com, or host your own server using the 120 day trial addition that is available there as well
            • Grab the correct JDBC extension from Sushant's links above
            • In Thingworx Composer
              • Select Import/Export
              • Select Extensions>Import
              • Import the relational database conneector extension zip, downloaded in the previous step
              • Create a new Thing
                • Name it something that makes sense
                • Select the correct template from the database extension, should be something like MSSQLServer, MySQLServer, Oracle, etc
                • Go to the Configuration panel on the left hand side :

            • Configure the JDBC connection string and the username password
            • Save the Thing
              • Go to Properties and verify that isConnected is true
            • Go to Services on the left hand side of the thing
              • Create a new service
              • Select SQL Query from the top left where it has the Service handler (where it says Local (Javascript)
              • Write the SQL query, command, or sproc
              • Save the thing
              • Test the service
              • Create DataShape from result
                • Apply the newly created datashape to the service

            • Create a new mashup
              • Add the grid widget (just to test) to the mashup
              • On the right hand side, click the green + to add data and select the database thing
              • Find the service you created and add it, running on mashup load
              • Bind the All Data to the grid, save the mashup, and run