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    how to access parameters using REST API (post method)



    I have to connect a service provider API  to a Thingworx service using REST POST ( with some parameters into the header and a json structure into the body)


    In order to understand and debug first,  I'm using POSTMAN to reproduce the API from provider.


    I have created the Thingworx service and I am well accessing to it from postman using an appKey as header parameter.

    the result of the service ("OK") is well returned to postman

    I have followed some forum topics which are describing this,  but I'm not able to access to the other parameters and to the json structure into the javascript code of the Thingworx service.


    Should I have to define one input parameter for each header parameter with the same name ? what should be the name of the json structure into the body ?


    each time I try to display an input parameter into the logger I get "undefined"


    thanks for help