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    Behaviour querypropertyhistory and PUT history

    Hi all,

    I have already consulted the old posts but did not find a good answer to my case.

    I have different thing that have several properties. One of this properties is a integer "Counter" that for each PUT increment the value of this counter. Each thing has its own ValueStream.

    The question in general is that I would like to retrieve the history of this put.


    I have try to obtain this with querypropertyHistory but it happens that some row return duplicated and I don't know why.


    The oddest thing though happens when I look at the behavior through a mashup where I put the QueryPropertyHistory service commanded by a timeselector and autorefresh.

    Iit happens that at a given instant the service shows the duplicate row (same counter) and the next step is replaced by the row with the incremented counter.


    Can someone help me to understand this behaviour?

    But the most important question is: What is the best way to obtain the pure history of the PUT write?