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    Combined with "Thingworx analytics"

    Hello Community.


    I would like to use "ManufacturingApps" to find singular points from the data to be operated, display and report.
    1) _ There is also a way to raise the flag for data that deviates from the judgment criteria in the alert setting,
    With an alert setting, it must belong to one of the operational status.
    Is it possible to create a new status other than the existing status in "Manage Resources"?
    Also, if it does not become an alert "Not Configured" corresponds? (This idea is correct.)

    2) _It is my biggest challenge...

    There is "Thingworx analytics", but is it possible to detect singularity using this?
    Is there anything to help with realization?
    I do not know analytics, so please let me know.