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    How to get oAuth token in Thingworx 8.0?

    I am currently using Thingworx 8.0 and Navigate framework 1.5

    Scenario is,

    1. I have configured Thingworx with SSO using PingFederate as Authentication server and Windchill-ds as directory server.

    2. We are using WQS (Windchill Quality Solutions) is dot net based application as a resource provider which is also SSO configured.

    2. I have successfully logged in to Thingworx using SSO.

    3. Our existing architecture is able to call dot net based web api using Soap request, but its giving bad response error.

          for e.g. Here we are using http:\\localhost\PTCWindchillQualitySolutions11.0\DataEngine.asmx url in Soap request to call WQS api's.

          But as 'http:\\localhost\PTCWindchillQualitySolutions11.0\' this path is configured in Shibboleth for SSO configuration then I guess its trying to login using SSO when we send Soap request

          to above url and since it do not find any token its giving bad response error.


    For resolving this issue I need to get oAuth token and then I will try to pass that in Soap request so that my api gets called correctly.

    So here I need some api or something similar to find oAuth token at Thingworx side.