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    How can I easily get data from my cellphone and send it to a Thing

    Hello everyone,


    I am now with a challenge to use Thingworx with QR codes or  barcodes.


    The reason is that I want to make easier to keep track of things in a customer usual case.


    For do that, I want to scanner the thing and send an information to update the state of a process in the Thingworx, to keep it fast.


    So, I don't know if it is possible use Thingworx to open a cellphone or tablet camera, in the minimum is hard. So I was guessing if I use some random code reader app in the android store, and, after read the image and get the information, update this information in Thingworx.


    So, one of the basics things here that I need to know is if there is an easy way to send information of a cellphone to the Thingworx. Like Gps, or any sensor in the smartphone.         


    The second is a way to communicate with the application that I read the code, get that information and then send it to Thingworx.


    Can anyone give me some light or tell from where should I begin?