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    Kepware Connection to ThingWorx failed

    I'm trying to connect Kepware to Thingworx but i'm getting an error
    I take  XXXX.studio-trial.thingworx.io:8443/Thingworx/ to acces thingworx composer. URL Service in Thingworx Studio/Thingworx

    In Kepware, I taking XXXX.studio-trial.thingworx.io as Host and 8443 as Port.

    Am I doing wrong?


    Error           ThingWorx Native Interface           Connection to ThingWorx failed. | Platform XXXX.studio-trial.thingworx.io:8443/Thingworx/WS, error: could not initialize a secure socket connection.


    Obs: I'm running kepware in another computer (server), and accessing it remotely