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    Thingworx 8.1: cannot save new GenericThing entity - Loading progress bar remains on the screen

    I just installed Thingworx 8.1 (MS SQL) on Windows 10 with SQL Server Dev 2014.

    When creating a simple entity based on GenericThing template (with or without adding any properties) and pressing Save,

    first very shortly Saving appears and soon after Loading progress bar remains on the screen and of course it is a modal dialog box obscuring the whole page.

    No error in any logs. I checked SQL Server Profiler and nothing indicates inserting into entity related tables is happening.


    How can I troubleshoot this problem.


    I checked these logs and didn't find anything indicating error.

    C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.5\logs



    I can for instance change an existing entity, let say add a tag.


    In my platform-settings.json file I use twadmin user for my sql server persistence provider.

    In my LicensingConnectionSettings section I don't yet have activationIds which means I still have 30 days of trial.


    Is this related to some bug in v. 8.1.

    I attached what I saw when pressing Save button. Loading progress bars stays on screen in-definitively. I can close the new entity tab, but nothing is saved since saving didn't suceed.


    Than you,