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    "View Document" task displays the error "Unable to Invoke Service GetDocument on DocumentAccessAppThing: Configuration error, target not includes base URL "

    Hi everyone,


    I've been having issues with the OOTB task "View Document". Whenever I try to open a document I get the following Status Message:

    "Unable to Invoke Service GetDocument on DocumentAccessAppThing : Configuration error, target not includes base URL: https://[myserver]/Windchill/servlet/WindchillAuthGW/com.ptc.wvs.server.ui.UIHelper/getPartStructureED?partid=OR%3Awt.doc.WTDocument%3A228052&ncCacheCookieType=ViewablesWS&visnav=1&navcriteriaid=320326141991536014&ncCacheHostName=aa7282b2-3085-4016-bba5-efae6d75b68b&levels=-1&ncCacheSessionId=05bdfe20-2915-49fe-bf75-1a765cc1fda1&u8=1"


    Also a bunch of widgets are broken as well as shown in the following image.


    I tried to trace the Service that is causing this error, but can't find any "configuration" or property to solve what the Status message states. Has anybody else had an issue like mine?? Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


    TWX 8.0.1

    Navigate 1.5.1

    Windchill 11.0 M030