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    mbereket Apprentice

    Removing Alert Issue

    Hi All,


    I am having trouble removing alerts on my Thing's property. I believe I send the right payload. But everytime I make this API request to remove the alert (Thingworx/Things/020xxxx078/Services/RemoveAlert)

    I get this following response:

    "Alert [c1tc3] is an inherited alert on property [c1tc3] and cannot be removed"



    I know the property c1tc3 exists and I know I set my alert names same as the property source. But I am not sure I get this error all the time.


    Any help would highly be appreciated!



      • Re: Removing Alert Issue
        supandey Collaborator

        Hi Mustafa, this sounds like the Alert is defined on the Template, is that correct? If so it would need to be removed from the ThingTemplate level. Also i have seen this error message when the alert actually didn't exist (may be the naming is incorrect), usually in those cases it's helpful to use the if statement prior to deleting the alert with HasAlert service to confirm that user is removing correct Alert from the Thing.


        If you do not wish to delete Alert from the Template, the other option would be to disable it for particular implementing thing, with DisableAlertForProperty service on the thing level.


        Hope this'd help.