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    How to display text from datatable in a widget



    I am very new at this and looking for a way to map fields from a datarow from a datatable in a mashup widget, but I cannot find any helpful HowTo's or articles on this. Here would be my basic question. Lets say I have a Label widget on my mashup. I have a DataTable added to the mashup and the Service GetDataTableEntry selected. I would like to map lets say "Field A Value" to the label text. The only options I see in the services are "All Data" and "Selected Rows". I would like a way to pass a parameter to the service so that when the mashup loads I can provide the primary key to pull the correct datarow entry. That way I can map the corresponding "Field A Value" to the label text. Is there a way to do so?




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        Hi Sudesh, how the data appears from the service output depends on the datashape assigned to the output of that service so if you are getting AllData it could be that your service have datashape thats returning everything. So either you need to use datashape that returns only one row or best would be to have your own service returning just a single value as per your need.


        Hope that helps.