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    jamesso Apprentice

    How do I set the oldestFirst property for a value stream?

    I am using the academic edition and running the Raspberry Pi AM2302 example.


    I was able to build the mashup but I see that my value chart shows the most recent data on the left side.


    It seems to me that strip charts like this are more usually graphed left to right, with the most recent data appearing on the right side.


    I was looking for answers to change this graphing behavior and came upon a suggestion to set the oldestFirst property.


    But I am using the auto-created Value stream for an academic instance user and I don't know where (or if) I can set this property for that stream.


    Any advice appreciated.



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        jamesso Apprentice

        I did see for the QueryHistoryProperty service that when selected in the Mashup design view, you see the oldestFirst property,


        I also discovered that the Time Series Chart behaves differently than a Label Chart and it puts older values to the left in the chart and newer to the right.


        This is more what I was expecting and so I just switched to Time Series Chart in my Mashup for displaying streamed Temperature and Humidity data.


        I wish the Query Filter could allow relative queries such that I want the start of the data displayed to be the most recent midnight value rather than a specific midnight timestamp. The query syntax seems to be relative but the limits are made concrete once the query filter is saved.