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    Thingworx studio :looping in model item

    Can we do the looping of a model item in studio to showcase the continuous process?.


    Need to develop a Virtual packing line In AR showing the actual working process with control of some major parameters and monitoring the same on thingworx dashboard .So for that i need to show :


    1.Working of a conveyor (we should be able to change the speed of a conveyor from Thingworx platform )

    2.Rotary mold Rotation etc...

    3.pick and place mechanism



    Can anyone please help me on this to get a start


    Thanks in advance:)

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        giri Communicator

        Sree S  From your description, most places you mentioned '"Thingworx Platform and thingworx dashboard" which makes your question unclear. As Thingworx Platform is for IoT applications and Thingworx Studio AR applications.


        Assuming your usecase is to develop a AR project - By saying looping in modelItem, do you mean showing interior objects of a 3D model? If so, yes ThingWorx Studio provides the feature, you can import the whole 3D model (follow the link for supported CAD files formats) and drag the "modelItem" widget on the desired parts, hide/unhide on button click or use JS script to accomplish the desired task.