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    How to update data to thing watcher training service?


    I try to test "thing watcher" according to the page PTC.

    My thingworx platform is 7.4.

    I set the "AlertProcessingSubsystem" followed the course.

    I created a remote thing and value stream, and strated the Training services and Results services.

    But the course didn't tell us how to update the data from thingworx platform to the Training service.

    More information through the pictures .




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        I am not entirely sure of what is asked here, but you can maybe refer to this article: Article Viewer | PTC which has multiple video showing the anomaly detection from start to finish with ThignWorx 8.0.

        There are some differences with 7.4 in term of configuraiton but the principles is the same.

        I woudl though advise to move to 8.0 or 8.1 for the anomaly detection. I am not sure it was officially supported in 7.4


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