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    schakravarthy Explorer

    how to find if my thingworx is licensed or not


    i have installed thing worx 8 in my system . can you pls tell me how to figure out if my version is licensed or not.

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        supandey Collaborator

        Hi Swetha, did you not have to use license file during installation process? or was it not needed to configure the activation details in the platform-settings.json?As far as I know you may not have to setup license file for trial installation, nevertheless you can navigate to the ThingWorx Composer > Monitoring >  Subsystems > Licensing Subsystems Settings and you can check the licensed features and availability of the entities and their count if its a paid license.



        Also as far i see there're also some services within the LicenseSubsystem that can give further detail on your licenses e.g. GetLicenseState to check if a license exist or not.