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    How to integrate LoRaWAN devices / data within thingworx


    we already have an IoT application based on LoRaWAN. Currently we implemented most of the logic ourself and are thinking about to settle up on an existing IoT framework to enable easier development and integrate also other IoT protocols in the future.

    Doing a couple of starting guides from the developer portal looks very promising to us. (Especially facing the possibility to configure the datamodels on the backend side and access all the data via the thingworx rest api in a custom frontend.) Now we wonder if there are any guides / tutorials that show the integration of LoRaWAN devices into the platform, because we weren't able to find any examples.

    We would like to build a sample "Thing" and DataService that shows us the possibilities and the way how to connect thingworx with LoRa and work with the LoRa data (payload decoding, storing data, handling downlink, ...). Therefore we much appreciate any help and information regarding the described scenario that helps us. For the first step it would be find to just have a brief description of how the data comes into thingworx and maybe an example how to decode the payload and handle the data.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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        As far as I know there's no direct path from LoRaWAN to ThingWorx, but there's routers that can read data from LoRaWAN devices and push to ThingWorx withous issues.


        Or if you already have Gateways that read the data from LoRaWan you can push from thouse devices to ThingWorx via REST API, or leverage TW SDKs ( .NET, Java,... ), or publish the data from LoRaWAN to MQTT protocol and then from ThingWorx subscribe to the corresponding channels ( that way you separe IoT Devices & Data Protocols from TW Platform )


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