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    Mail Extension Error


    I am using the TWX mail extension in a customer environment (TWX hosted on a Azure server) to send emails out. I initially tested it with a GMAIL server and my account details and it worked just fine. But when I use the customer SMTP server/port with one of their email account it simply fails with "Could not connect to SMTP host:XXX, port:25" error. I have tried port 25 and 587 and both did not work. Since it worked with gmail server I am not sure what is causing this issue !

    I asked the customer IT to check if there is anything blocking the connection to SMTP server and they mentioned that when they do the telnet from TWX Azure server to SMTP server they can see the packets flowing back and forth. Has anyone faced similar problem connecting to an outlook mail server ? any feedback and inputs to debug this issue is much appreciated ! Thanks

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        Hello, Raghu.


        It's been a while since I admin'd an Exchange Server, but one thing to check is if it's setup to relay (via SMTP) from the IP address or FQDN of your ThingWorx host. In general, most mail servers have a whitelist of external hosts they accept for relays. I'd probably start there.




        -- Craig A.

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            Hey Craig, thanks for that pointer, I will check that with customer. But what is expected though ? domain name or IP on the exchange server end ?

            I am assuming they have IP but will confirm that ! Thanks