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    aelgov Apprentice

    How to delete tag from datatable entry



    I've tried many options in order to delete the tag value in one of the data tables I have.

    Is it correct it is not possible to do so on TWX version below 7.4.0

    I've found this article: https://www.ptc.com/en/support/article?n=CS259981

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        carlesc Heavyweight Champ

        I've opened the case which caused the upper document, as you had found it's not possible to left empty the tag value once it's set below 7.4.0.


        What we use as a workaround it's to set a fake null tag, something like: "MyTagDictionary:Null"


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            aelgov Apprentice

            I will try to better describe the issue I ran into.


            I have data table in TWX 6.6.11

            This data table has about 100 entries.

            Part of them has tag value and part not.

            The tags doesn't exist in the application anymore.

            Why do I care?

            I tried to export the data of the data table and import to another server (Same version) and it caused error saying the tag doesn't exist.

            So the safest thing to do is to delete the tags, now I'm not sure what exactly the problem.

            Is it not possible to add\update entry without specifying tag as you said - if so, how do I have almost all the entries without tags at all?