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    pburkhardt Newbie

    Error installing latest TW

    Hi, I'm getting the following error when installing TW.

    I started installation but didn't have Docker installed so stopped.

    Installed Docker and began install again and below error appeared.

    Uninstalled TW but still error persists.





    Paul B



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        supandey Ninja

        Hi Paul, i am not quite sure but may there is some left over settings or folders in the drive where you were attempting to install for the first time? Was all that cleared up prior to your reattempt to install the ThingWorx again?

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          cmorfin Communicator

          Hi Paul


          As mentioned by Sushant, you certainly have some left over from previous run.

          If you initially did not have docker, then most likely the only left over will be c:\Program Files(x86)/ThingWorxTrialEdition

          Delete this folder and try again.


          Hope this helps

          Kind regards