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    mhassan Newbie

    Move /ThingworxPostgresqlStorage folder

    Is it possible to move the /ThingworxPostgresqlStorage on a server where is is already installed. I initially installed the database in root directory and it has used up most of the space. I have a separate partition and I want to move all the contents of the database to that location. I prefer to move /ThingworxPostgresqlStorage rather than-re partition the OS.

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        dupatel Creator

        Muhammad Hassan: Movement of database storage location is tricky and better to review the dependent configuration which might conflict due to relocation of  /ThingworxPostgresqlStorage. I am not fully sure if it is recommended but would like to understand if this is a Production server or not?

        I believe backup and restore of PostgreSQL will be an option. It will be helpful if you can provide details on the version of PostgreSQL, OS, Apache and ThingWorx.