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    scha-2 Apprentice

    Are a using MQTT extensions?

    Hi i'm SeonHo


    Are you a using MQTT extensions?


    MQTT extension has auto subscribe feature


    i want auto publish feature MQTT extension


    how i do?

    or any suggestion?



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        dupatel Communicator

        seonho Cha: Could you please try making a thing using MQTT template with below MQTT configuration.


        Under Thing Entity Information -> Configuration

        tw.config-table-name.Mappings  enter Name & topic with checkbox marked Publish


        Also, make sure to mark checkbox as enabled under Configuration-> tw.config-table-name.Automapping



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            scha-2 Apprentice

            Hi Durgesh Patel, Thanks for your reply


            but Sorry. I think my explanation went wrong.

            This is not a question about auto-mapped subscriptions using MQTT extensions.

            This is an automatic publish using MQTT extension.

            I want to automatically transmit and receive to apply to IOT.

            Using the format {t} / {p}, each Thing receives a value for a different topic.

            However, publish for value sending must be added and configured on the Comper page by the Thingworx administrator.

            Like subscribe, publish automatically wants to automatically map and send via a specific format.

            Please let me know if you have any other suggestions or ideas for doing so.

            Thank you.