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    Assign permissions and visibility to resources


    I searched in depth on this topic but I could not find the information I need.

    I have a scheduled job that it should export data of a subset of thinds in a CSVFile and then export in a SFTP space.

    To do this I use extensions CSVParser_Extension and STFPExtension.

    When I performe my service with admin user everything work fine and I'm able to export data.

    Now to obtain data for a subset of things I have created a new user with the appropriate visibility and permission.


    Now the problem is that the service doesn't work and the logger returns the following error:


    Throwable Error Executing Event Handler for event Type.Thing:Entity.ExportDataProcessScheduler:Event.ScheduledEvent : Execution error in service script [ExportDataProcessScheduler Event.ScheduledEvent] : Unable to Invoke Service Event.ScheduledEvent on ExportDataProcessScheduler : Execution error in service script [ExportDataProcessScheduler creaExportProcess] : Unable to Invoke Service creaExportProcess on ExportDataProcessScheduler : Execution error in service script [BeerDispenserHelper GetAdvancedDataHistoricalBehaviorForExport] : Wrapped java.lang.RuntimeException: Entity [CSVParserFunctions] does not exist Cause: Entity [CSVParserFunctions] does not exist

    Now, the problem it's clear but CSVParserFunctions it's a resources and I don't now how to grant the correct permission.



    I tried to execute AddRunTimePermission to give ServiceInvoke permission to my user "Crea" and it's been added. but it doesn't work.



    What can I do?