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    vxavier Explorer

    Subscription is not saving in duplicated Shapes

    I think this problem is when I duplicate things and edit the subscriptions. When I reload the ThingWorx Composer the changes are not saved.


    And the same happens when I tried to create a thing from a template or a template from a thing. When I edit the changes in the subscriptions shapes, without do reload in the page, I can not see the new edit in the subscriptions in the new things and templates that I create.

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        ytella Creator

        Hi Vinicius Xavier,

        I am unable to reproduce the issue in my instance. I am successful in saving the things (that are created using duplicate) after modifying the subscription and the changes persist even after reload. Could you please share the below information to track the issue?

        • ThingWorx Version
        • Application.log from ThingworxStorage/logs folder
        • Any screenshots of your entities before and after modifying the subscriptions.