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    Manipulate raw data

    Hi There I have some Raw Data coming into Thingworx from a MODBUS device through Industrial connectivity 8. the raw data is from a tank level sensor. It is in centimetres, I want to display and store it in metres to 2 decimal places. Is there a multiplier field or function say where you could enter 0.01 or something similar to manipulate the raw data>

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        vr Newbie



        You can use subscription to calculate value in Meter


        1. Create property with basetype as "NUMBER" and check "Logged"


        2. Create Subscription based on "DataChange" for RawProperty

        3. In Subscription code, divide raw value by 100 and pass it to "TankLevelinMeter"


        4. Use "TankLevelinMeter" property to display value in meter