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    svisveswaraiya Newbie

    Adding background image to log in page.


    I have created a log in page to which i wanted to add a background image. Please give the ideas of how to implement an background image.

    Herewith I have attached my Log in page image.

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        sdidier Explorer

        Hello Shalini,


        I suppose that it is the ThingWorx Platform login web page modified.

        We are in the ThingWorx Studio forum.

        ThingWorx Platform and ThingWorx Studio are not the same software but I will try to help you.

        So, I think that's you have modified the FromLogin.jsp in <Tomcat install folder>/webapps/Thingworx/login/ folder.

          Can you confirm this point, please ?


        If it is correct, I suppose that you can add in <body> tag a background image property as described in this article :

        HTML body background Attribute


        Another way to do that, is to use stylesheet as described in this webpage :



        In the same FromLogin.jsp, in <style> tag, in body style, replace background: <%=backgroundColor1%>; with the syntax to have an image will be enough.


        By the way, FromLogin.jsp is a standard file of ThingWorx Platform.

        So, I am sure if it is supported to modify it.

        But I am sure that when you will upgrade to a new version of ThingWorx Platform, (deploy a new war), you will need to apply your change again.


        Best regards,