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    PTC Data Query


    I'm working some examples given in the PTC Windchill Extension Guide. I tried the PTC Data Query example.

    In my TWX composer this Remote System category is not visible. In the guide it was metioned that PTC Data Query is a part of PTC Windchill Extension. I have properly imported the required extensions. Please suggest any solution.

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        dupatel Creator

        Saran Karthick K R: Could you please confirm the PTC Windchill Extension and ThingWorx version you are using. Also, mention the Page/place in the guide in use having PTC Data query detail you are referring here.




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            skr Explorer

            Hi Durgesh,

            I'm currently using Thingworx 8.0.1 - b39 and Windchill Extension -1.7.0. the guide i'm reffering is "PTC Windchill® ExtensionGuide" page:79; Topic:"Using PTC Data Query Extensionwhen Developing Your Application".

            Thanks and Regards,