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    grid widget unresponsive

    Hi Guys,


    Consider this:


    I have a mashup with few tabs. In those tabs I have a Grid widget.

    Upon Mashup loaded service QueryImplementedThingsWithData is invoked.


    We are talking about 1MB of returned data. What is strange is that after all data are fetched (i takes a 500ms at top) Grid widget is unresponsive. It has no Hover, I cannot scroll nor mark the Row.

    It takes anything between 5 to 20 seconds until the widget is responsive again, and this repeats even though I am not fetching any new data (no Refresh widget is used).


    I am using TW 7.3.8 and Chrome 61.something.

    In Firefox is it little bit better but not that much.


    Things which I am using have like 100 properties or so, but I am displaying like 6 or 8 at max. So there is lot of unused Columns.


    Has anyone dealt with this before? What could be done?


    here are some pics

    Snímek obrazovky 2017-10-31 v 15.54.56.pngSnímek obrazovky 2017-10-31 v 15.55.24.png