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    scha-2 Apprentice

    Identify the types of devices that have accessed Thingworx's MashUps




    Can you tell what kind of device you have access to Thingworx?

    The reason for this is that I use one user's AppKey to access MashUp.

    You can create a user in Thingworx and associate it with Org, then specify Home and Mobile mashups.

    However, I always see the same mashup to access the mashup through the user's appkey.

    This is different in home and mobile.

    So I'm thinking of two things.

    The first is to use AppKey at "http: // localhost: 81 / Thingworx / FormLogin /" to show different mashups from home and mobile. Is it possible?

    The second is to determine the type of access device and navigate to different mashups at home and mobile. Is it possible?



    Or let me know if you have any other ideas