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    Add polygon to google map in mashup



    I would like to add polygon or heatmap to the google map in mashup.

    Is is possible to add using data from data shape ?




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        dupatel Communicator

        David Daud: I believe we do not have directly feature in existing google map widget to create Heatmaps. Do you want to change the marker to appear in some specific polygon image if so then can create a media type entity using the polygon shape which could be used in MarkerStyle.



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          wposner-2 Creator

          You can implement polygons using the region functionality which is included in the out of the box google maps widget.  You just need to create an infotable that contains a param of type "location".  Each lat,long location point that you define in your infotable becomes a point in your polygon.  You bind this infotable to the "RegionLocation" parameter in the google maps widget.


          To add a heatmap, you will need to customize the google maps widget to enable that functionality.  You'll need to add functions in the widget javascript to display the heatmap.  You'll also probably need a new data binding property for the heatmap data.  If you study the ide and runtime javascript code, you should easily be able to figure out how to add all the extra services and data binds.