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    How to keep textures when using the CAD optimizer?

    Hi All,


    I've got a fairly large Creo View file that has a number of textures in it to represent screens on the real product.  As it's a big file, I'd like to use the CAD optimizer to reduce down the files size for the experience, but the problem is that this removes the textures from the models.  The images are still in the High, Medium and Low Creo View files, but the OL geometry file doesn't use them.


    I've been playing around with the pvaroptimizer.pvr file that stored in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ThingWorxStudio\Projects\node_modules\cad-import-filters\import_filters\win64\recipe and have added in adapter/useTexture=1 but this doesn't work.


    Does anyone know how to keep the textures when using the CAD optimizer?


    Many thanks,