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    Error with Edge Microserver

    I am trying to build a simple application with the Edge Microserver in order to update the properties of a thing in the Thingworx core.  I am using a put request in Python in order to write the data.  When running the program I see an error on the Microserver as follows:


    twInfoTable_ToJson: NULL of bad infotable


    Does anyone know what this error means or how I can fix it?






    Currently my python code is this:




    import requests

    import sys

    import json

    import logging




    requests_log = logging.getLogger("requests.packages.urllib3")


    requests_log.propagate = True





    appKey = 'xxxxxxxxx'


    Webhost = "http://localhost:8000/Thingworx/Things/RT2/Properties/*"


    payload = [{'Color': 'green', 'Size': 108}]

    headers = { 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'appKey': appKey }


    response = requests.put(Webhost, headers=headers, json=payload, verify=True)





    The configuration json for the edge microserver is this:



        "ws_servers":    [{

                "host":    "<host_ip>",

                "port":    80


        "appKey":    "xxxxxxxx",


        "ws_connection": {

            "encryption": "none"



        "certificates": {

            "validate": false,

            "allow_self_signed": true



        "http_server": {

            "host" : "localhost",

            "port" : 8000,

            "ssl" : false,

            "authenticate" : false



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        alex.augot Newbie

        Hi Connor,


        That error points to issues converting a native InfoTable into JSON data, but it's difficult to really say what's going on without more context.  Can you try setting your log level to 'TRACE'  in config.json and posting a bit of the log where you see the error.