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    Steam Sensor Java SDK



    While running the steam sensor example of Java SDK (latest one Java-SDK-6-0-4-595), I am getting below error:

    Exception in thread "main" com.thingworx.communications.client.things.exceptions.DuplicateCharacteristicException: Service already defined: GetSteamSensorReadings

    at com.thingworx.communications.client.things.VirtualThing.createServiceProcessorsFromThingShape(VirtualThing.java:717)

    at com.thingworx.communications.client.things.VirtualThing.initializeFromAnnotations(VirtualThing.java:667)

    at com.thingworx.sdk.steam.SteamThing.init(SteamThing.java:93)

    at com.thingworx.sdk.steam.SteamThing.<init>(SteamThing.java:78)

    at com.thingworx.sdk.steam.SteamSensorClient.main(SteamSensorClient.java:67)


    In this example, I also passed the arguments as ws://localhost:80/Thingworx/WS 625807eb-43ef-40b0-b68f-9f5c6f308bbd 1000 1 10.

    I tried to debug it but was not able to run this example through eclipse.


    Can anyone have tried this example? I am using the latest Java SDK from PTC support site. and the Java SDK file name is MED-61061-CD-055_M030_Java-SDK-6-0-4-595.