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    How do I set up Navigate in more detail?

    Hi I'm Seon Ho.



    After applying the Navigate extension, I can see Windchill's information through Thingworx by adding the Windchill Administrator account to the Thingworx Administrators group.

    This is a question about how to make a more detailed configuration.



    There is no single organization or product in windchill.



    First, do I need to distribute it to each organization or group of organizations?



    If you add a group called sales to Thingworx and then log in to Windchill's account, it will be automatically added to the group called sales.

    Can it be mapped by organization, team, role, or group? If you can, let me know how.



    When you log in to Thingworx with a Windchill account, an account is created automatically. Can you automatically map the language of the account that is created to match the language you set in Windchill? If you can, let me know how.


    [I set the preference language to Korean or English to create the Windchill participant, but the account created in Thingworx is set to the same language ..]



    In addition, I would like to share if you have any material to help me learn Windchill and Thingworx Navigate.

    The reference documentation on the support page lists only the installation and simple configuration.




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        supandey Ninja

        Hi Seonho,


        For reference documentation and details on Navigate there are following options


        1. You can check for following courses on Navigate in PTC University

            -   WBT-4822-0 Business Administration of PTC Navigate

            -   WBT-4768-0 Introduction to PTC Navigate Apps

            -   WBT-4452-0 PTC Navigate Install and Configure

        2. Browse to help.ptc.com and check for Navigate this should allow you to browse through different help topics on Navigate components similar to ThingWorx's Help Center

        Hope this'd help.