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    gseq Apprentice

    How do I get a list of repositories


    Is there a way to get a list of file repositories? I need to make a front end browser for browsing through different repositories.


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        Adam Macierzyński Apprentice

        Hi Gerard,


        First part of question:

        You can get list of File Repositories thanks to the ootb services:


        var result = ThingTemplates["FileRepository"].GetImplementingThingsWithData();


        var result = ThingTemplates["FileRepository"].GetImplementingThings();


        It will give an InfoTable with a list of Things, which are implementing this ThingTemplate.


        Second part of question:
        I assume that you want to pick specific repository and get some data from it?

        If you are working with mashups you can use EntityPicker widget with define ThingTemplate property. Than you can add your own business logic to get data from it and present it somehow.