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    svisveswaraiya-2 Newbie

    Keystore password issue


    I installed tomcat 8.5 but i am not getting the keystore password by default so my thingworx is not starting up. Please help in resolving the issue?

    Thank you,


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        slangley Explorer

        Hi Shalini.


        Did you set a password during the Tomcat installation?  Have you checked to see if you can hit the Tomcat page:


        Once you've validated that the Tomcat page is coming up, we can proceed to troubleshoot the ThingWorx installation.  We'll need some details around your implementation, such as version of ThingWorx, backend database, etc.




        --Sharon Langley-Anderson

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          varathanran Creator

          You may want to check the install document. It has a default document. You may want to try it.




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            stmarchessault Creator

            Greetings shalini visveswaraiya


            Following up with you on the original question posted here, can you please indicate if the recommendations given by either Sharon, Varathan, or James answered this for you?


            If any of these posts adequately answered your question, you can mark the reply as the "Correct Answer."


            Or, if you are still unresolved on your original question, let us know and we can continue troubleshooting this with you. This feedback is a key step toward ensuring Community users with a similar issue are able to locate the information they need.   



            Best regards,

            Steven M