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    scha-2 Apprentice

    Can't access Thingworx Navigate on other PC

    Hi i'm SeonHo



    I installed the Navigate.

    However, an error occurs when accessing Thingworx.

    The DNS address of the server is not found.

    It can be used by registering server DNS in hosts file.

    I added address = "" to tomcat's server.xml to access Thingworx from outside and added the port on which tomcat is running to the inbound rule.

    Thingworx can be accessed in the same way as above, but is not accessible after Navigate installation.

    What should I do?

    Do I have to configure the reverse proxy to allow external access to Windchill to view Navigate from outside?

    Should Thingworx Navigate be installed on another Windchill server with a reverse proxy configured?