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    Read the coordinates of the model

    Hi ,


    It's possible to read the coordinates of a model or widget using javascript ?


    Thanks in advance.


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        tmccombie Creator

        Hi Giuseppe. I was able to get the model coordinates to show on a label within the experience doing the following:


        1. Set up App parameters xpos, ypos, zpos

            2. Create 3 2D or 3D labels within your experience to display the coordinate values

            3. Create a button with title 'show coordinates'

            4. Bind xpos, ypos, & zpos to each corresponding label 'text' property.

            5. Add code to Home.js

              $scope.showCoords = function(){
                                   var Xpos = document.querySelector('#model-1').getAttribute("x");
                                   $scope.app.params.xpos = Xpos;
                                   var Ypos = document.querySelector('#model-1').getAttribute("y");
                                   $scope.app.params.ypos = Ypos;
                                   var Zpos = document.querySelector('#model-1').getAttribute("z");
                                   $scope.app.params.zpos = Zpos;

            6. Call showCoords(); on button click

            7. Save & publish.


        Here is what my preview looks like