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    Thingworx Navigate Mobile Application



    We have few requirements from end users for Navigate,


    1. Building an Android/IoS Mobile application by using Navigate contents

    2. Exporting the BoM structure from Navigate

    3. Translating contents in Navigate


    Let me know if anyone have some details.





      • Re: Thingworx Navigate Mobile Application
        supandey Ninja

        Hi Thadeus, possible options here would be to either :


        1. Directly access the mashups containing Navigate data onto your mobile platform via the URL of that Mashup


        2. For further more responsive mobile platform application e.g. phone or other devices with smaller screens where larger amount of data on Navigate mashup might not fit optimally, you could consider building mobile apps and pull data from ThingWorx via the EDGE SDK e.g. ThingWorx Android Edge SDK


        If i get your last use case right you can translate the UI langugage using the Localization table


        Hope this'd help.