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    not able to find "queue" directory after installing dataconnect rpm package



    I am trying to install thingworx dataconnect 8.0, on centos7 machine.

    As mentioned in a DataConnect Installation guide, I need to install Apache spark 1.4.0 with Hadoop 2.4,

    but I wasn't able to find the given version of apache spark.

    So I used "Apache spark 1.6.0" with "hadoop 2.6" version instead. And installed all the other required softwares.


    And upon these third party software setup I installed Dataconnect 8.0. But after installation of dataconnect rpm package,

    I am not able to find the "queue" package in /opt/dataconnect directory.


    And I also wants to mention that I have installed Thingworx analytics server 8.0 in the same centos machine.



    Rahul T