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    QueryPropertyHistory Service

    I have three things on mashup screen and when i select a thing i ca able to get the meta data but am not able to get the data which is stored in value stream dynamically by using querypropertyhistory service. if individually check then am getting but when i dynamically click the thing or bind on mashup then am not getting. so please can anybody help me out.

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        supandey Collaborator

        Mahaboob, is it possible to share screenshot from your mashup on how you are attempting to select them individually? May be the name you are dynamically binding to the service is either not getting bound or may be is not the right one to fetch all the data from related ValueStream?


        Are you storing all the data from all 3 Things in a single ValueStream or do you have individual ValueStreams for each entity?




        Easiest way to check would be to create a test service where you pass names of entities individually and then call QueryPropertyHistory using that to see if its returning the result in expected manner.